Thursday, March 25, 2010

Make Money With Squidoo

Make Money With Squidoo

A lot of entrepreneurs will try to tell you that you can make money with Squidoo quickly. And while you can make a profit from the social networking site, the cold hard truth is, it’s not going to make you rich overnight.

If you have a product to promote, then you should definitely take advantage of creating a lens for it. However, if you have more than one product to promote, build another lens or series of lenses for each product you plan to promote.

Another word of advice, if you know nothing about your product from experience and you don’t love it - don’t try to promote it. You should always promote a product or service that you truly believe in.

Always use keywords to promote what you have to offer. If you’re trying to promote your Cajun cooking recipes, you should use keywords and phrases like Cajun cooking. Add them a few times throughout your article, but don’t over do it.

Take advantage of the Amazon and Ebay modules. If you want to make even more money, add a few related Amazon products like Cajun Cooking Books. If you have some cookbooks for sale through Ebay, add them to your lens.

And don’t forget, that you can also make money with Squidoo through their Adsense revenue program. You might not get rich overnight, but with these great lens options, you can make a little extra income without having to spend money doing it!

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