Saturday, June 17, 2006

Multiple Streams of Income

This report is actually an excerpt
from the best selling book,
"Multiple Streams of Income"
by Robert Allen.

The title of Chapter 11 is:

Network Marketing:
The Ultimate Money Machine

This is some GREAT information on
HOW TO build YOUR business.

Note: I begin quoting from the book here.

Principle 2:
Use the Right Marketing System

By marketing system, I mean HOW
you will attract your customers.

Here is the system that most people
use to get started in traditional
network marketing:

-> Make a list of at least 100 names,
including everyone you know.

-> Call each of them and try to sell
them your product or your opportunity.

What a formula!

It's simple...
It's cheap...
It's duplicable...

But 90% of the people who
follow this system FAIL!


Because, the odds of finding a truly
qualified customer in ANY average
group of 100 people is VERY low.

Maybe only 1 or 2 percent are
actually seeking your product
or opportunity at this moment...

5 percent if you're lucky.

Zig Ziglar himself couldn't find
more than five good customers in
this group.

Ninety-five people would turn him down.

That's a 95 percent rejection rate.

in the WORLD!

What's going to happen when our
untrained beginner calls this
same list?

Massive rejection followed by failure.

It's not because the product is bad
or the opportunity is not good
or even because the beginner
doesn't know how to sell.

It's BECAUSE the odds of finding
two good customers in ANY LIST
of 100 average people is very low.

But the beginner doesn't KNOW this...

But here's the GOOD NEWS.

Although a beginner feels defeated
with only a 5 percent success rate,
ANY mail-order marketer will tell
you that a 5 percent response rate

It's the stuff FORTUNE'S are made of.

Mail-order marketers are ECSTATIC with
a 1 or 2 percent response rate!

behind ANY successful network
marketing business:

If you can find just ONE or TWO
customers in every 100 contacts,
you can build a FORTUNE.

To be successful in network marketing
you need a SYSTEM that...

-> Dramatically lowers the probability
of rejection.

-> Sifts through the 100 people to
AUTOMATICALLY find the five who
are most interested.

-> Get those five prospects to CALL
YOU on the phone and tell you
they're interested.

-> Automatically TRAINS the two
HOTTEST prospects to SELL
THEMSELVES and give you the money.

No rejection:

Only the HOT prospect RESPONDS.

The 9 cold ones don't respond.


We don't want to talk to them anyway.

Who wants unnecessary rejection?

In other words, we DON'T do SALES.

(End of quoting from the book.)

Does this sound FAMILIAR?

-> This is EXACTLY how our

-> This is EXACTLY what we do.

-> This is how THOUSANDS of people
just like YOU and me make a

This is how I was able to leave my
full-time job in just 5 months.

I can SHOW YOU HOW to do this.

I do it every day.

This is WHAT I do.

how to do this.

It ain't rocket science...

IF... IF...


Get this...

You are ALREADY IN this system...

You are just on the WRONG SIDE

Come on over to MY side of the cash register.

You have NOTHING to lose,
and EVERYTHING to gain.

Got questions?

Call me...

Email me...

I'm here to show you HOW.

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469 CST


"If you're treading water,
you're losing ground."


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The Little Money Bible
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Part-Time Millionaire

The Part-Time Millionaire
Business System

Mike Stokes
Destin, FL
Sunday 4:40 PM

This can be a picture
of YOUR business

Here's what I do:

I have a few ads running online.

I get several (or a lot of)
GREAT leads every day.

You don't need many
when they're GOOD.

Quite often, they call me first.

I love that.

Makes for a very pleasant conversation.

Or, I may call 2 or 3 of the leads.

Takes maybe 30 minutes total.

Sometimes we really hit it
off and talk for hours.

Anyway, I don't worry about
the outcome of the call.

All I want to do is introduce myself,
and meet someone new, a fellow marketer.

Ask one or two simple questions.

Point them to some really good
FREE information in my system.

Let them sell themselves.

I do this when I'm at home,
and when I'm in a hotel on
the beach, like I am now.

A portable business only
requires a laptop computer
and a cell phone (or two).

Sound simple?

It is.

Stop spinning your wheels.

Connect with and Master Mind with a
skilled and experienced mentor that
is “Walking-the-Walk.”

Learn HOW TO -

Market ANY Product
Market ANY Opportunity

Learn HOW TO –

Generate your own highly targeted
and qualified leads.

Learn HOW TO –

Create a Funded Proposal Marketing System
that will -

1. Generate quality, targeted leads.
2. Generate up-front cash flow to erase your
advertising costs and turn an up-front PROFIT.

Learn HOW TO –

Set up a Marketing Funnel to automate

your “prospect education” process.

Let your prospects sell themselves
before you even talk with them.

Learn HOW TO –

Set up EXIT PROGRAMS to “sell” to
your prospects that don’t join your
primary program right away.

Make money when they say "no."

Learn HOW TO –

Keep your prospects in your “loop”,
so that when their TIMING is right,
you’re the person they turn to when
they’re ready to look at another opportunity.

Learn HOW TO –

Set up and provide a meaningful follow-up
NEWSLETTER to keep your prospects in
your system, and your name and face in
front of them.

Learn HOW TO –

Utilize marketing SKILLS, TECHNIQUES
and TOOLS that you thought were only
reserved for the heavy hitters.

Learn HOW TO –

Build a thriving business in
about 30 minutes a day.

Sound like you?

How do you find out more?

Best bet, call me -

Mike Stokes
(225) 366-0731

or Email me at -
stokesmedia @ gmail . com

Read the articles and reports on this blog.

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Mechanics of Wealth
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Ready to get started?

Then let’s get your Part-Time Millionaires
Business System
set up and producing CASH
for YOU.

Making money is simple,
you just have to learn how.

Someone taught me.

Now, I’m ready to teach you!

Best of Success,

Mike Stokes
(225) 366-0731

PS - I spend a lot of time enjoying life
and doing other stuff, so you may
get the voicemail...
Just leave a message and I’ll call
you back, usually the same day.

We’ll get YOUR business-system set up,
then YOU can start enjoying life too.