Thursday, September 28, 2006

How Does Selling Information Relate to Building a Downline?

How Does Selling Information
Relate to Building a Downline?

Published By:
Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, La

All the "Masters of MLM" use this formula...

Dale Calvert, Big Al, Russell Paley, Robert Blackman,
Mike Stokes, Art Meakin, Joe Schroeder, Rebecca
Slough, David Nelson, Herbalife Hitters,
Amway Hitters, and many more...

99% FAIL in Network Marketing
because 99% TRY to do MLM.

How absurd and ridiculous is this?

"Hi, I'm Joe the Meatman.
I sell meat and seafood door-to-door.
I also do MLM on the side.
Wanna join?
We can make lots of money."

That never worked for me.


"My name is Joe Schroeder.
Please don't ask me how much money
I've made in MLM, but, would you
like to get rich with me in some
pyramid scheme?"

(People think MLM is a scam...
I hate that, don't you?)

The Master's Formula

Whether it's diet pills or books and
tapes or water filters or air purifiers
or whatever...

The "Master Formula" is to hide behind a
cash register and "play" buy-low-sell-high.

Hold tight, my (new) friend,
I'm about to change your life.

People do not understand MLM,
much less "levels" and "auto-ship."

MLM big-dogs retail more than they "recruit".

MLM big-dogs understand that people don't
"get" MLM but they DO understand retail...

"Buy low and sell high."

That is why ALL of your (true) real "big stars"
of MLM are huge retailers of a retail item.

Your grandfather called it "trading".

Your parents called that system "bartering".

Today, it's called e-Commerce or "networking".

It's ALL true retailing.

LAW #1:
It's easier to sponsor a CUSTOMER who has
already swapped money with you for
something than it is trying to "recruit"
an absolute STRANGER.

Customers TRUST you.

LAW #2:
When you show your potential downline
member a way to earn cash flow, they
virtually cannot resist.

LAW #3:
Show people "MLM" and they'll go, "Huh?"

Make sense?


Best of Success!

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469

Sunday, September 24, 2006

11 Little Words That Can TRIPLE Your Business

== 11 Little Words That Can TRIPLE Your Business ==

Mike Stokes
Panama City Beach, FL

Learn the LAZY way to earn an extra $50,000
annually becoming a Marketing Genius.

"If you tell people it's MLM you give them the objection."

(That's why your LEADS don't want to hear from you!)

There in front of you are 11 simple little words
that can change your business and TRIPLE it
IF you are open to reality.


Erase that. Test that FACT.

If you TELL people it's MLM
you give them the objection

Go ahead...

BUY (100) leads...

Call them and tell them you do Melaleuca
or Amigo Health, ForMor, whatever.


ANOTHER $100 to $200 down the drain.

Tell me, how many (give me #'s!) of NEW RECRUITS
has your downline brought in lately calling COLD leads?

Step 1:
BUY a 100 leads so you can play COLD calling hound.

Step 2:
ASK those 100 REAL-TIME leads to look at your MLM.

REMEMBER, your MLM is "the best!" and everyone wants
to join your BEST IN THE WORLD MLM, right?

Step 3:
Now explain to your spouse WHY you can't enroll anyone.

Try this on for size...

Everyone is ALREADY IN a deal.


Everyone you are trying to convince to QUIT their deal
and hop over to yours is ALREADY losing money in a few
deals so when you tell them IT'S MLM you give them

That's why I never SOLD people it was MLM.

That's why I sponsored over 1,000 people.

That's HOW I built downline after downline.

THIS FORMULA CREATES $5,000 to $15,000 per month

Step 1:
SELL what 100% of the market is BUYING.

Step 2:
Make everyone an ally, not the competition.

Step 3:
Position yourself as an ADVOCATE.

Step 4:
Sell what the MLM world WANTS.

Step 5:
Sell a cash flow LEAD CAPTURE system and make cash.

Step 6:
Sell leads. EVERYONE actually wants leads.

** To give away to their new sign-ups.
** To use for their POST-CARD mail-outs.
** To use for their auto-responder lists.

Step 7:
EARN $1,000 per week and actually PAY YOURSELF.

Step 8:
Back-end and "puppy dog" the MLM
after you capture customers.

Here is a BRAIN-MELT answer and secret shroud.

A MYSTERY solved that you can call your EUREKA moment.

Etch this in the part of your BRAIN located by your GENIUS.


Here it is.

You can thank me for this later.

Watch this...

READ this NEXT sentence until your heads HURTS.

Drum roll please --> here is the ANSWER:

Write this down.

Go grab a yellow highlighter pen.

==> It's easy to enroll 3-8 NEW people per month
if you FIRST collected 20 to 25 CUSTOMERS.

Guys, try to IGNORE this GENIUS fact-of-life.

The BILLION DOLLAR companies such as Mary-Kay,
Avon, Tupper-Ware and oh, like Herbalife.


They never taught their little Lambs
to ASK people to join anything.

They never taught their Cherubs to SELL applications.


They TAUGHT their distributors to RETAIL
stuff at $5 and $10 and $30.

Here's why:

It's EASY to sponsor 3-5 NEW people PER MONTH
when 10-15-20 people are GIVING you money and
they are CUSTOMERS of yours FIRST.

That is the Avon secret.

That's is my secret I STOLE from Tupper-Ware.

That is the ANCIENT time tested MLM formula.

That is how MARY-KAY became a Billion dollar MLM.

Is your MLM company a Billion dollar company?

Does your MLM teach RETAIL (to) RECRUIT?

It's called a FUNDED-PROPOSAL.

"Hey Fellow, Can You Spare a Downline?

The REASON no one says to you "THANK YOU for calling,
what's your ID# I want to join" is BECAUSE if you
tell them it's MLM you give them the REASON NOT
to listen to you.

Tell them you're TRYING to get them
to join ANOTHER program and you
GLORY ME GIVE the suspect the OBJECTION!

Step 1:
RETAIL stuff. Everyone understands retail. (see eBay)

Step 2:
PAY yourself daily and weekly. What a concept!

Step 3:
FORGET your MLM suicide march.

Step 4:
FOCUS on gathering paying CUSTOMERS.

Step 5:
SELL hot marketing info and leads. Get paid.

Now HIDE your MLM program within the sales funnel
of your CUSTOM SALES GATHERING cycle and let
2-3-4-5 come back to you and cry


Secret of the ages # 301


They buy:

** Leads
** MORE systems
** More Leads

Go ask RANDY GAGE if this IS THE FORMULA for MLM riches.

Go ASK RUSSELL Paley WHY he RETAILS books and seminars?

Go ask Robert Blackman or Karl Jacobsen if this IS THE ANSWER.

Go ask MIKE STOKES what he does to be able to sit
up in an ocean-front hotel room half the time!

The GURU earns $15,000 per MONTH BEFORE he ever MLMs.

** That is the HIDDEN ORDER of the MLM GURU.

She makes RETAIL money and $10,000 per month
BEFORE she ever even mentions her program.

GET paid NOW so you can MLM in 2 years from now.

GET paid NOW so you can BE HERE in 2 years from now.

The GURU earns $4,000 per WEEK charging you for his MLM site

The GURU earns $10,000 per MONTH selling LEADS to his team

The GURU is a RETAIL cash FIRST capitalist.

He doesn't pray to his MLM.

He never made his SPONSOR his MOMMY.

The SMART Gals and Guys follow business 101 basics.

THEY PAY THEMSELVES FIRST and MLM LATER ===========================================

Pop Quiz: MLM icon and MLM LEGEND Big Al.

Big Al (Tom Schreiter) leads with what?



I wonder why.

Seminars (his) and (his) books and tapes.

I wonder why.

Go ahead. Argue with me.

Meanwhile of the 100 people you call who
are all STRANGERS don't give a rip about
your hot-new MLM.

But remember, YOUR MLM program is THE BEST.


That's WHY everyone wants to JOIN with you.



Wise up.

Go ahead...

BUY MORE REAL time leads @ $3 and CHANGE each.

Great business model. Not.




The people EARNING the RIDICULOUS money
are selling everything BUT their MLM

** Site fees.
** Audio CD sets.
** Leads.
** Retreats and seminars.
** Splash pages and lead capture utilities.

+++ SNEAK - ATTACK +++

And AFTER they acquire PAID CUSTOMERS they then sneak
in whatever subscription MLM they are doing.

Step 1:
If you tell people it's MLM you give them the objection.

Step 2
It's EASIER to sponsor 3-5-8 new people PER MONTH
if you FIRST collected 20-25 paid BUYERS who bought
something RETAIL from you.

How do you JOIN a gym?

They FIRST sell you a personal trainer for a week.

Or, they let you SAMPLE the gym for a week at retail.

How do you JOIN Verizon on-line?



How do you SUBSCRIBE to any newspaper?

FIRST they retail the darn thing to you at the Piggly-Wiggly store.

How do you SUBSCRIBE and JOIN Costco / BJ / SAMS CLUB?

Good gosh this is obvious AFTER you see the HIDDEN ORDER.

First they RETAIL food and ribs and clothes to you.


Retail = cash flow = subscription.

The MLM crowd does it backwards.

No wonder they don't make any money.

They ACTUALLY walk around and ask strangers

"Wanna sign up at $150 per month, hi, my name is Paul."




IF it worked...

If THAT MLM Suicide march actually worked you'd be F/T already.

Guys, I am the messenger.

NOT the message.

DON'T shoot me.

I have brought you TRUTH.

I love you all.

ENOUGH to call it as it is.

TOMORROW I will expose the HALF-TRUTHS being told.

And it ain't pretty.



Call me:
Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469


==> Job-FREE since 1999

Saturday, September 02, 2006

You Don’t Have To Be a Genius to Make Money

You Don’t Have To Be a Genius to Make Money,
But It Sure Helps to Know One!

or, Maybe I Was “Lucky”

Mike Stokes
Disneyworld, FL
Saturday 5:45 AM

Almost every day someone will tell me that
they want to make $10,000.00 a month,
and even more for goodness sakes...

But that they won’t do what it
takes to make $100.00 a month.

They won’t take the action required to cover
their product costs, let alone do what
it takes to cover some marketing expenses.

They want to be a “heavy hitter” marketing guru,
and make the big bucks, yet they don’t want to
INVEST in the education – books, tapes, seminars,
etc – to learn how to do what they want to do... have SUCCESS.

They'd rather watch Lost on the TV and
learn how to make money by osmosis.

Yet these same people don’t bat an eye at
spending $100,000.00 and 4 years of their
lives to go to college to learn how to be
a $30,000 a year bookkeeper.

They want to quit their jobs and “go full time”,
yet they won’t INVEST one measly hour a day
in their business.

What in the world do they plan to do with
the extra 40 – 50 hours they have on their
hands if they quit their jobs?

They want to be in the marketing business,
but don’t want anyone to know about it.

Some even hide their business
from their spouses.

Good Lord.

If people in the “real” world thought
the way many people in direct sales think,
they’d certainly lose their jobs and businesses,
and maybe even be put in a mental institution.

Maybe I thought like that before I got
into the direct sales business, because
I certainly lost my home, my business
and everything I owned once.

Maybe I was “lucky”, because I went down
the “stupid” highway before I was exposed
to direct sales.

And maybe I was “lucky”, because it wasn’t
“just a couple of hundred bucks” that I
INVESTED to start my direct sales business,
it was every cent I had and could put my
hands on in the world.

In fact, it was our grocery money.

No kidding.

You ever make spaghetti sauce with
the ketchup packs you saved up from
fast food joints?

We did, more than once too.

Maybe I was “lucky” because I had
to take my new business seriously,
or my family wouldn’t eat.

Maybe you could relate this to putting up
your home, all your savings, all of your
retirement benefits, all of your possessions,
and quitting your job to start a business
of some sort.

Do you think you would take that serious?

As serious as a heart attack, I’d think.

I talk with people every day that
don’t want to sell any products.

I’m not sure that they understand the English language.

What could they possibly think that
“marketing” and “direct sales” involves?

I tell these folks to toss their products
out the back door if they don’t want to
sell anything.

That’ll work.

Sort of like opening a convenience store,
and not wanting to sell the cigarettes and
beer, yet expecting money to materialize
in the cash register.

Seems foolish to me, but whatever rings
their bell, so what the heck.

I don’t understand where they’re coming from.

Maybe they know something I don’t.

But then, I’m the one getting
checks in the mail every day.

Maybe I was “lucky” that I had to sell
my initial order of products, in order
to pay for my next order.

You see, I “stole” $57.00 out of our
so-called budget to start my new
direct sales and marketing business.

Fifty-seven dollars.

On September 2, 1998.

But, the difference is, I didn’t INVEST
“just $57.00” in my new business,
I invested it ALL.

I had just “moved up” from homeless to
a tiny apartment in what can only be
described as a ghetto neighborhood.

Drunks and bums for neighbors…

The occasional shooting.

Anyway, fast-forward…

Less than 9 months later, on May 31, 1999,
I bought my wife the first new car she
had ever owned in her life.

A brand new, never been driven,
shiny black Toyota Camry.

She was so proud of it.

I was too.

Then, 23 months after opening my $57.00
direct sales and marketing business,
I bought my wife a real home,
in a nice neighborhood.

Still selling the products that I couldn’t
afford to keep 23 months earlier.

I guess I was “lucky.”

Maybe I got all the “breaks.”

Didn’t seem like it at the time.

But, looking back, I think I did get all the “breaks.”

My first “break” came just moments after
I bought in to my marketing business.

My sponsor vanished.

To this day, I have never heard another
word from him, or even about him.

He simply vanished.

Maybe he was abducted, I don’t know.

Maybe I’m a “genius.”

I didn’t even know the phone number
to the company I had just joined.

I had to wait until my first $57.00 order
arrived to find out how to contact the company.

Well, at least I was smart enough to know
that I needed to hook up with someone that
knew what they were doing...

Because I was “blessed” to not know a
thing about this marketing business.

Well, I have to admit that I was
“lucky” about one thing at least.

In the company newsletter that came with
my initial $57.00 order, they listed all
of the big money earners in the company.

They don’t list the people that don’t make any money.

Imagine that...

(I have since come to learn that most companies are like that.)

My “luck” is kicking in now, because if I’m
gonna call anyone for advice, it has to be
one of those big money earners on that list.

I just plain didn’t know how to contact anyone
as dumb and broke as myself, which is who I
certainly would have contacted given the chance.

Well, I’m about to learn my first lesson
in prosperity consciousness.

That lesson is this:

When you need business advice and counseling,
get it from someone who is already where
you want to be.

Not at the barroom or from your
dumb, broke brother-in-law.

Write this down:

If you want to make money,
you’ve got to get close to the money.

If you want to catch the flu,
hang around with people that have the flu.

If you want to make money,
hang around with people that are making money.

It’s not much more complicated than that.

Oh, and you do need to heed their advice.

And, take action.

So, what’s the “secret” of success?

1. ASSOCIATE with successful people.
2. INVEST in your success education.
3. DO what successful people do.
4. Take ACTION. In other words, do it.

You can’t PLAY business,.

You’re either IN business, or you’re wasting
people’s time and your family’s money.

If you’re gonna be in business, here’s what you need to do:

1. Find an honest and legitimate business,
not a money game.

2. Find someone that is already successful,
or is connected to someone that is already
successful, in that business.

3. INVEST in the products and the tools that
are necessary to be in that business.

4. Get a day planner and mark out and set aside
your business hours, those times that you are
working your business, just as if you had to
go to the job.

5. Do the work that your successful mentor
does to build his/her business.

6. Stick with it.
I don’t think Bill Gates became
a gazillionaire in a week either.

7. Read. Read. Read.
Establish a weekly/monthly budget for books,
tapes and seminars.
I invested $50.00 a week when I was
only earning $200.00 a week at my J-O-B.
It pays off big time!

8. Mastermind.
Stay connected to successful people.

9. Be consistent.

10. Just do it.

There are plenty of false prophets and false
gurus out there that just “talk the talk.”

You need to run with those that “walk the walk.”

Mentors that are really “doing the deal” can tell
in 3 minutes of talking with you if you’re making
any money or not.

So I recommend that you don’t try
to run any BS past a real mentor.

I can remember one time a “big shot” trying
to tell me how to market products to
convenience stores.

I was still a “little shot” at the time.

However, I did know a thing or two about
marketing to convenience stores.

She didn’t know I already had products
in over 200 c-stores and I could tell
100% that she had never even TRIED
to sell one or she wouldn’t be saying
what she was saying.

I had walked that walk...

She was talking the walk.


Anyway, I can remember driving
400 miles to meet my mentor.

Paying $1,200.00 to participate in a conference.

Borrowing $1000.00 for the trip.

Best investment I’ve ever made.

I’ve invested a small fortune looking
for my “assignment” in life.

I’ve moved on past friends that weren’t
going where I must go in life.

What we’re talking about here works,
pure and simple.

No getting around it.

When you SEEK correction in your thought process,
UNCOMMON mentors are “invited” into your life.

When you seek CORRECTION, you SCHEDULE
uncommon HELPERS into your life.

You MUST seek out MENTORSHIP with uncommon thinkers.

You can't find ONE BILLIONAIRE who did it alone.

Get some biographies at Barnes and Noble.

They ALL had a brain trust.

They were all TAUGHT.

Steve Wozniak MASTERMINDED with (iPod) Steve Jobs.

17 partners MASTERMINDED with (Domino’s) Tom Monaghan.

Siegfred MASTERMINDED with Roy.

Carson MASTERMINDED with Ed.

Oprah won’t budge without Gale.

Life leaves clues.

“Life was never meant to be a struggle.”

Get in the flow.

Masterminding opens up channels
that you just can not access
on your own.

Best of Success!

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469