Monday, April 23, 2007

MLM Marketing Funnels

How To Get Into Immediate Profit
Before You Have A Downline With
Your Own MLM Marketing Funnel!

OK…By now you’ve figured out that bugging your friends
and family, chasing your son’s soccer coach and playing
tele-marketer to a list of over-priced and bogus leads
isn’t gonna make you a dime…

You can have the most lucrative compensation plan
ever concocted, the most revolutionary product on
Planet Earth, and an upline that makes a gazillion
bucks a month...

But if you’re using the same old-fashioned techniques
that the 95% of broke MLMers are using, it just doesn’t
matter how hot your deal is, you’re gonna stay broke too!

Let’s face it, basically everything they teach
you in multi level marketing totally contradicts
successful sales and marketing practices!

Let me ask you this, do you honestly think your
product is more sellable that Coca-Cola?

If you do, don’t quit your real job!

The Coca-Cola Company has to advertise and market Cokes,
and you have to advertise and market your product or
opportunity too.

It’s time to do what the real marketers and
big-money earners are doing – create a Marketing Funnel to
pour your leads and prospects through.

(Most network marketers don’t know this stuff!)

So what’s a Marketing Funnel?

Look at your marketing efforts as a big funnel.

With a wide opening at the top and
a narrow exit hole at the bottom.


Your ads and marketing efforts should
all point to your funnel.

At the top of your funnel, you should market
something either free or very low priced.

ALL of the big money earners lead with a generic information product...

A FREE Report, a FREE Training Series,
a FREE Audio, a FREE eBook…

This gets people that are interested in what
you have to “raise their hand”, and say,

“Hey, I’m interested in what you’ve got…Tell me more.”

They enter your Funnel.

You have two objectives here…

First, you want to collect their contact info.

This is a “targeted” lead that has opted-in
to your “system”, or Funnel.

Second, you want them to get familiar with YOU,
through your reports and newsletter (email follow-up).

People only BUY from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

Once a lead enters your Funnel,
your system goes to work for you, 24/7.

Let your system do the selling.”

As a person goes through your Marketing Funnel,
you introduce them to a low-priced introductory product.

You want them to spend some money with you,
any amount, to develop some trust.

As they get to KNOW you, and LIKE you, and TRUST you,
it will be much easier to market either high-ticket
products, or your business opportunity to them.

“It’s easier to sponsor a happy customer
than recruit a complete stranger!”

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 218-1469

FREE MLM Marketing Funnel Booklet
FREE MLM Marketing Funnel Booklet