Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The Power Bid: Part II

Published By:
Mike Stokes
Grande Isle, LA

Tuesday 6:00 PM

Here's how a real Power Bid works:

I say this...

"Look, you get THREE front-line with
a monthly autoship of XXX, and I
will enter your life."

With 3 FRONT-LINE, you will prove
yourself as a highly capable and
valuable profit center for me...

And I will start to give you leads,
free products, all sorts of things.

But wait...

If you get SIX front-line,
I will "freak out"...

You will elevate to the top 1%
of my business and I will
virtually "assume" your business.

We will talk every day...

I will FLOOD you with leads...

Yes, I will even GIVE YOU PEOPLE.

You will get "loved to death" by me.

Now, what is really happening here?

The FACT is, myself and many others
who have a large fish-bowl of leads
can NOT enroll everyone front-line.

HOW could I manage all those guys?

Plus, if I DO NOT take the time
to help all my front-liners...

a) I hurt them.

b) I weaken my investment.

c) They quit.

So, what I look for is people with
People Skills and people with
Influence to manage my downline.

And, I find these types of leaders
by using the POWER BID.

I also tell everyone, that chances of
you having 3-6 front-line are slim.

Most can't enroll 3-6 front-line.

Most are burn-outs.

Most are weak and have little influence.

Most will enroll TWO within
the next 18 months...


If you can prove...

That you have what it takes...

Look, if you can enroll 3-6 people,
and trust me...

I DO NOT care if it's your dog and cat...

99% will not.

99% can not.

99% couldn't even if you helped them.

But, if YOU can and you do...

I will change your life.


End of sentence.

How VALUABLE do you think anyone is
to me who can do what 99% cannot do?

Am I gonna "love bomb" these guys and
make darn sure they stay with me?

Am I gonna make darn sure they make money?

You bet'cha I am.

That's called a POWER BID.

No, MOST uplines not only don't use
this leveraged business technique...

Most have never even THOUGHT this way.

Oh well...

Imagine, building a downline based on
the LEVERAGE of a big-name marketer.

Having a tough time getting your pals
from work excited about MLM?


Think about the power of a POWER BID.

Not only was I TAUGHT the Power Bid,
I have performed it...

And let me tell ya...

You get the right kind of
upline to "bid" with...

And Katy-bar-the door!

See, YOU might be destined for
Millionaire-ship in MLM.

But, you just can't get off of
first base all by yourself.

You might just need a "leg up".

Somebody helped Muhammad Ali.

Somebody helped JFK.

Somebody helped Ronald Reagan.

Somebody helped...

Everybody needs help.

Everyone deserves a "shot".

Most people don't know about

Now you do.

This is PhD MLM.

Deals are made.

Downlines are moved.

Gurus are paid thousands of dollars
for "insider" deals.

And guess what?

That's life.

It's called business.

Hope this insight rocked your world.

Best of Success!

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469

PS - Do YOU qualify for a Power Bid?
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