Sunday, October 22, 2006

E-Z as A-B-C and 1-2-3

The Part-Time Millionaire's
E-Z as A-B-C and 1-2-3
Mail Order Money System

Mike Stokes

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Coming Soon

Coming soon...

The Ultimate Lifestyle Business Series

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

If You're Not Enrolling 5-10 People Per Month...

If You're Not Enrolling 5-10 People
Per Month in Your MLM...

You're Doing Something Very Wrong.

==> How do you enroll 300 people?

==> How do you stop the failure?

==> When will the pain of MLM stop?

TWO things are certain:

1- You keep advertising your MLM program.


2- No one is interested.

Tell me, what is the LAST thing
a fellow networker wants to see?

It's another MLM ad.

Think about it...

The MOST aggravating thing "we" see
is another MLMer trying to pitch us.

For the simple fact that we are
already IN another MLM.

Nonetheless, 99.9% of all networkers
continue to waste time and money
(not to mention their best earning years)
investing in ads that alienate the market!

Listen, if you would simply learn how to
get people to WANT what you're selling,
you could enroll 100s of people, as I
have, and you could make boo-koo bucks.

As I have.

So how many people did you enroll last month?

Did your organization grow or weaken?

Listen to this...

If you were selling vacuum cleaners
door to door for Electrolux, you
would NOT knock on doors and ask

"Who wants to buy?"

Because NO ONE needs a vacuum cleaner.

They ALREADY have one.

Just like NO ONE needs another MLM.


"Hello, M'am, my name is Larry from Electrolux.
I KNOW you do NOT need a vacuum cleaner...

But I make $5 from the company for every house
that lets me in to vacuum their floors.

THAT is the USP (unique selling proposition)
of vacuum cleaner reps.

==> Everyone loves FREE.

==> Everyone HATES to vacuum.

==> Everyone WANTS their house vacuumed FREE.

"C'mon in," says the housewife.

"Go ahead, and swab the date mate," she says.

Larry flicks on the vacuum...


Larry says, "Mrs. Smith...

Have you ever seen such a cool vacuum?"

"Look how well it works..."

"Here, YOU try it, Mrs. Smith."

(Expose, involve, upgrade)

Long story short...

Larry sells Mrs. Smith on a
$1300 NEW vacuum cleaner.

But it's "only $13.98 per month for 19 years!"


Works like crazy.

And guess what? is
ALL ABOUT formula selling.

==> How to get other networkers
to ASK YOU, "Can I join you?"

==> How to build BIG organizations with
as much effort as it takes to place a
few ads...

The RIGHT kind of ads.

Look, you can keep on doing
what you've always done...

And keep on getting what
you've always gotten...

Or, you can learn HOW to big dogs do it.

It's up to you.

Is what you're doing working?

Or is it TIME for a CHANGE?

Your LIFE can change.

First, you have to STOP
advertising your MLM.

Because, you are TURNING
people OFF.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

"Positioning" vs "Prospecting"

"Positioning" vs "Prospecting"

With one, you need to invest some money,
but it is dwarfed by what you save in
manual labor;

with the other, you are doomed to
manual labor.

Need help positioning yourself as a leader?

That's what I do.
That's what I teach.

Call me.

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469
Monday - Saturday
9 AM - 6 PM Central Time

Two Parts to Success

There are TWO parts to SUCCESS:

Part One: Have a proven formula.

Part Two: Follow the proven formula.

Are you looking for a PROVEN FORMULA?

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