Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The MLM Autopsy Report

MLM As You Know It Is Dead:
Here's the Autopsy Report

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

Tuesday 4:30 PM

Are you ready to learn WHY you haven't
been able to make any MONEY in MLM and
WHAT you can do to start getting checks
in the mail every week?

This is an open letter to the 95% of
Network Marketers who have never made
$1,000.00 or more a month with their
home based businesses...

You spend your hard-earned money each
and every month on products you don't
need and can't sell...

--> You've TRIED calling your friends
and family...
--> You've TRIED putting up flyers...
--> You've TRIED placing ads in your
local Penny Saver paper...
--> You've TRIED handing out free samples...
--> You've TRIED mailing out post cards...
--> You've TRIED buying bogus "leads"
and Tele-Marketing strangers...
--> You've TRIED buying bogus "leads"
and sending SPAM emails to strangers...
--> You've TRIED the "opportunity seeker"
--> You've TRIED it ALL...

My sponsor in one program wanted me
to make a list of everyone I knew...

Even people I worked with!

He was gonna call them all,
with me on the phone.

Can you imagine?

I said, "Let's call YOUR friends."

He didn't like that idea.

Are you TIRED of having to be a
marketing genius to get any results?

You've bought all the books and CDs...

You've read all the information
you could find...

Written by every Internet and
marketing "expert" out there...

Some had some useful information...

But, none of it had that magic key
the opened the door to actually
making any money.

And cold-calling strangers at night...

That's called TELE-MARKETING.

No matter what they call it in MLM.

Is that what YOU started
a home business to do?

I don't know about YOU,

but MY idea of a home business
is NOT about calling strangers
to tele-market a money-game
pyramid scheme...

where the business is only to
recruit other tele-marketers

so they can recruit other
tele-marketers into a MASSIVE
Tele-Marketing Pyramid Scheme!

Being in an MLM money-game pyramid
is like buying a McDonalds franchise
and they tell you:

"Don't worry about selling hamburgers,
just go sell some more franchises."

That's not a REAL business...

It's a RECRUITING business...

And, the last guy or gal
in gets the SHAFT.


Has a real PRODUCT,

That has real VALUE,

And real PEOPLE buy them,

Because they WANT them.

In a lot of MLM companies,
NO ONE is buying the products
except the distributors...

And, they only buy them so that
they can be in a position to
earn a commission.

Given the fact that MOST people
just don't know how to sponsor
enough people to be successful...

You have a blueprint for FAILURE.

If you're FINALLY ready to stop
playing the MLM shell game...

If you're FINALLY ready to start
making M0NEY for your family...

With a real BUSINESS that you can
manage from your HOME...

And be PROUD of...

Your FIRST STEP is to read this
FREE Special Report:

The MLM Autopsy Report:
Why You Can't Make Money
in Old-Fashioned MLM

Click Here for the FREE Report

This Special Report will DISSECT
and EXPOSE the inside workings

Learn how you can BREAK OUT of
the MLM rut and FINALLY build
a REAL business that you can
be PROUD of.

You CAN have SUCCESS...

And, you CAN have it
in THIS lifetime!

We're here for you.

Call me.

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469
9 AM - 9 PM CST

Friday, July 07, 2006

How Do You Write Ads...

How Do You Write Ads That
Pull a Ton of Leads?

Mike Stokes
False River, LA
Friday 5:00 PM

How do those fancy ads work anyway?

1. Advertise to a NICHE market.
2. Match the MESSAGE to the market.

As a networker, I can assure you,
the market does NOT want to hear
about YOUR opportunity.

Aren't they ALREADY in a program?

What changed my life back in 1999 was this:

Offering generic information to a crowd
that was failing miserably.

Only a FEW make money in MLM.

So, they will readily BUY RELIEF.

How-To information, leads, etc...

The game, is to sell 50 - 75
NEW people per month.

The game is to make $2,000 - $5,000 per month.



Big Al, Joe Schroeder, Mike Stokes...

Randy Gage, Tony Robbins...

A ton of "big names"...

Sell information and back-door MLM.

The KEY, is to:


Not later...

Not in 2 years...


PAY your dang bills...

FEED your family...

Make MONEY...

Then, you have 50 - 100 NEW people
each month to show your MLM to.

They are your information BUYING customers...

You make money...

And, 5 - 10% or more
turn out to LIKE YOU...

Because you treated them
nice and helped them.

And they ENROLL with you.

Is that a promise?

No, I don't know what MLM you work
and I don't know if you're nice
and are serving your customers.

However, that IS what I do,
and it DOES work for me.

--> You can't get your buddies to work your MLM...

--> You're upline doesn't FEED you people...

--> Those you do have are NOT duplicating.


So, what can you do?

The ANSWER is right under your nose.

I already told you the answer.

It's the new Speed Enrollers system:

Magnetic Sponsoring

MLM Traffic Formula

Building on a Budget

Call me and let me help you get
your business on the Fast Track.

Best of Success,

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

60-Second Marketing Tip

Your 60-Second Marketing Tip

Mike Stokes
False River, LA

Do you know the #1 secret of the
heavy hitters in any kind of
marketing business?

It’s this:

The most valuable asset you’ll
ever build in any business is
your contact list.

With a good contact list, even if
your company closes down, or you
lose your product line for any reason,
you can start dialing and be back
on top within a year.

This is what we're all about.

Just think of all the people that you’ve
come in contact with over the years you’ve
been in the marketing business.

You can improve the value of your list
by maintaining a relationship via phone,
mail and email.

This is our tip of the week.

Best of Success!

(225) 218-1469


"There is no lack of opportunity to
make a living at what you love.

There is only a lack of resolve
to make it happen."


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Staying on the Path
By – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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can use to build YOUR business:

“Removing the Five Roadblocks That Prevent
Ordinary People From Succeeding in Business”

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