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The Quick-Link System (At-a-Glance)

Mis-Marketing is using an affiliate site that
isn't attached to your OWN auto-responder.

No one else offers this because they are
trying to CAPTURE YOUR LEADS and
build a list through YOU.

Mis-Marketing is retailing an affiliate
product and allowing the site owner to
collect the funds.

With Quick-Link, you CONTROL the LIST
and the MONEY.

This creates INSTANT cash flow.

Why wait to be paid?

Mis-marketing is selling something that
doesn't have a "back-end" second sale
built in to it.

Without continuity of $14.95 then $197
and then $497 you have to start all
over with new people.

Mis-Marketing is opening your mouth.

If you do, you can only speak
to a few people per day.

If you're not funneling 100's of people
into your sales process daily...

Imagine if you could!

Mis-Marketing is spending money
promoting something that can
NOT bring back a $100 sale.

Pay yourself today so you
can be here next year.

Amateurs sell $20 and $40 programs.

Pros don't.

Mis-Marketing is trying to sell $500
and $1000 programs without a little
$10 and $15 trial offer.

Have you ever waited months and months
to sell one $500 or $1000 program?

Ooops. That must be hard!

Mis-Marketing is ignoring the 95%
who reject your main program and
NOT earning off them.

Now, with this system, you can earn
money from your prospects even if
they reject your primary program.

Mis-Marketing is trying to earn
residual income without leading
with a retail cash flow item.

It's easier to sponsor 3-5-8 NEW
people per month if you have
15-25 retail customers!

For more information about
the Quick-Link System,

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469
9 AM - 9 PM CST

PS - I've been using this system for 7 years
now, and one of the side-effects of
using this system is that I have NOT
had to have a job since Feb 1, 1999.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

How I Turned A $200 USA TODAY Classified...

This is a prime example of HOW the
Speed Enrollers Quick Link System
actually works.

Print this one.

Use a highlighter.

And then use the steps to make a
couple THOU in the next 10 days.


“How I Turned A $200 USA TODAY Classified
Ad Into Over $800 dollars of RAW CASH”

(Not to mention 16 NEW enrollee’s)

My intent here is to PROVE to you just
how easily you can find NEW recruits
for your MLM—–

And how to make CASH FLOW
all at the same time.

Let’s move ahead and EXPLORE THIS!

A TON of people (still) think the only
way they can build a hefty downline
is using the old fashioned way.

God bless them. I DID NOT.

I used very NEW and un-orthodox
measures. As I will show you now!

Step #1: I secured LIVE operators to
take my orders. I was STILL going
door-to-door with my food truck.
This was back in 1995.

Step #2: I had “cut” TWO audio tapes.

Step #3: I had to come up with
$200 dollars to place my USA Today
classified ad.

Step #4: I had to secure a 1-800 line
that I could make a 3-minute out-going

Step #5: I had to secure a 30 MINUTE
out-going message via voice mail.
That COST me about $170 to set up.

Mind, you, this was a LOAD of leg work.

TWO different voice-mail set-ups...
LIVE operators...
Merchant accounts.

This is a FACT.

If you want to make a TON of money, YOU
have to start assuming MORE responsibility.

Those that make BIG DOUGH have DECIDED
to HARNESS a LOT of responsibility.


Let’s scoot ahead…..

Now...HOW ON EARTH did I USE all of
this technology and “STUFF” to turn
a $200 ad into a HUGE business?

FOOT-NOTE: What you are NOW reading
was my FIRST real USE of AUTO-MATED

And, my first real venture into making
at least $100 a day selling home-made
how-to books and tapes!

Keep reading.

You’ll SEE what I mean in a second…

Okay, so the SYSTEM was in place.
And……I was BROKE!

So, I took money off some highway
money clipper (store) of about $4,000.

I KNEW I was CLOSE to my jack-pot
and I needed seed money.

Plus, (1995) I was also selling MOPS
at flea markets on weekends.

You got it!


The FOOD TRUCK was making me “beans”
and I simply would NOT BE DENIED.

I literally did ANYTHING and EVERYTHING
to make what I SAW IN MY MIND all come true.

LOADS of HARD work. TEARS even.
DISTRACTIONS everywhere.

Almost NO ONE believed in me.
My WIFE was FURIOUS at me.

“You fool…what are you doing? YOU are
jeopardizing our children's future with
your cockamamie marketing stuff.”

Yes, my “dear” wife did NOT believe in me.

(I sure showed her though!—-Bless her heart!)


Dead Downlines Don’t Lie!
Names mentioned and scams revealed.
FREE audio tape.

How could I AFFORD a 1-800 line?


So, here is how I got people to call
my 1-800 line and then how I got them
to SWITCH over to a toll 201-line!

??? How Did I Do That ???

Gimmick #1:

THAT 1-800 line was only a 3 MINUTE message.

Telling the caller what was ABOUT to HAPPEN.

What that 3 MINUTE line did was say,
“I will change your life. FOR FREE.
GIVE ME 30 minutes of your life.

** Go to my 201-tel-a-seminar...
** Here is the other number.
** I will TRAIN you for 30 MINUTES.
** NO charge.
** Your FREE tape is THERE.

“HANG up NOW and go to my 201–NJ phone
that is a 30 minute training call.”

** They called the 1-800 line.
** They heard my “deal” and that lasted 3 minutes.
** Then they hung up and called.
** MY 30 minute training line…

Gimmick #2:

THEY paid for the call via their
REGULAR long distance charge.

I would have been NUTS to sit there for
over 50,000 minutes and train all these
folks on some 1-800 line!

Gimmick #3:

MOST everyone clicked over to the 201-NJ
line. I had SUCCESSFULY baited them.

They wanted the FREE tape.
They WANTED the 30-minute TRAINING.

I hosted their desires.

Gimmick #4:

When they went to my second line, the
201–NJ 30-minute recording of me training
them, in the FIRST five minutes I told them
about my $15 TRAINING kit.

The GIMMICK was that I KNEW they wanted
the FREE tape and the TRAINING.


I also knew that I could sell them my
$15 course and they would NOT hang up.

The GIMMICK is that I made them
JUMP from hoop-to-hoop.

I made them COMMIT to me.

Now, I had them.

So, for the first five minutes I told them…

On the 201-NJ line……

(1) Enjoy this half hour call.
(2) If you like it…buy my $15 course.
(3) Live operators at so and so line.
(4) Visa and Mastercard...
(5) FREE tape (tape #3) ADDED to package.
(6) EXTRA FREE 22 page report.
(7) All of this only $15.
(8) Hear me NOW for 30 minutes.
(9) If I stink….HANG UP.
(10) If you like my training: BUY the $15 course.

TRY doing the above system and sell junk and
you’ll lose a fortune in time and money.

The fundamental reason this worked and WHY
the people HUNG with me, through all of these
hoops, was because they could SMELL VALUE.

Sell junk and you never win.

SELL PURE VALUE and over-deliver—-
and you can make a bloody fortune.

Okay, back to the system and WHAT was the RESULT?

** I sold well over $800 dollars of tapes.
** People LOVED the 30 minute call.
** I ERASED my $200 ad cost @ USA TODAY
** I had NEW FUTURE RECRUITS to enroll.
** All of this happened BEHIND MY BACK.
** I had a TRUE “machine” making me money!

And the rest, as they say, “is history.”

Okay, last lesson:

What I learned is what I HOPE you have learned.

THINK about this:

1) ALL MLM networking does NOT have to be traditional.
YOU can go “outside” the box and use really cool
marketing like I do.

2) It’s easier to build an M L M downline
and make boo-koo bucks if you can make
10-20 sales a day…. And then BACK-END
those BUYERS into your downline.

It really helps when you have an extra
$100 to $500 a week streaming in.

For me it did.

3) YES! You can do traditional M L M. I do.
I also use MACHINES to:

** Do presentations for me.
** Machines sell and SPEAK for me.
** I can do 1,000 M L M demo’s a day.

Whoops. Cancel that. I CAN NOT.

My machines do!

And on and on...


Well, I hope this letter has inspired you.

I also hope it has shown you the POWER
of marketing and I pray this has RAISED
your level of awareness as to HOW TO
THINKING around………

Just a teensy-weensy bit.

You can make all of your dreams come true.

** Use better marketing.
** TOUCH and GET to more people.
** USE this to make you CASH FLOW and
build yourself a downline that will
feed your family for generations to come!

I did. Twice!

And you can too!

Best of Success,

Mike Stokes

(225) 218-1469 (9-9 CST)


Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Power Bid

The Power Bid

Publisher: Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469 CST

"I've been busting my tail in MLM for years.

I've retailed.

Done the ad co-ops.

I've done the family and friends junket.

And now my MLM check is $17.09 over what
it costs me each month to participate!"

And if that does NOT sound like you...

It sure sounds like me five-six years ago.

And guess what--if you have a downline?

MOST of your people are saying
that same thing to themselves.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine this.

Imagine that you were under some
real "tiger" networker.

I mean this dude was recruiting 1-2-3 PER DAY.

I have one of those.

Yes, they DO EXIST!

But what if...What if you could use
the POWER and PRESTIGE of your upline?

What if, what if your upline...

What if you were in ka-hoots
with your powerful upline?

They would give you "cherry" leads.
They would give you preferential treatment.
You would leverage THEIR reputation.


See, as a "newbie" or as someone with little
success to wear on your sleeve, often times...

As Networkers, we just don't have the
"umph" we need to get-over-the-hump.

Then once you do, success begets success.

People seek you out.

You "snap" and people join you.

People actually ASK YOU,
"can I enroll under you?"

Yes, that too...actually happens.

But how?

How could anyone harness the
power of their upline?

Kinda like an "angel."

The answer is called a POWER-BID.

Most networkers don't have
a clue what this is.

So I will let you in "backstage"
to big-time MLM.

A Power-Bid is this...

You make a pact with your upline to do
"X" amount of work for a return agreement
that your upline will "build you."


This is what I tell my NEW-INS...

I say this...

"Look, you get THREE (3) front line
with a monthly auto-ship of 2 cases
and I will enter your life.

With 3 FRONT LINE, you will prove yourself
as a highly valuable profit center for me
and I will start to give you leads, send
you FREE products, all sorts of things.

But wait...

If you get SIX (6) front line,
I will "freak out"...

You will elevate to the top 1% of
my business and I will virtually
"assume" your business.

We will talk everyday.
I will FLOOD you with leads.
Yes, I will even GIVE YOU PEOPLE.
You will get "loved to death" by me.

Now, what is really happening here?

The fact is, myself and many others
who have a large fish-bowl of leads,
can ***NOT*** enroll everyone front

How could I manage all of those guys?

Plus, if I DO NOT take the time
to help my front-liners...

a) I hurt them

b) I weaken my investment

c) They quit

So what I look for is people with
***People Skills*** and people
with influence to manage my downline...

And I find these "types" of leaders
by using the POWER-BID..

I also tell everyone, the chances of
you having 3-6 front-line are slim.

Most can't enroll 3-6 front line.
Most are burn outs.
Most are weak and have little influence.

Most will enroll
TWO( 2) within the next 18 months...

If you can prove...

That you have what it takes...

Look, if you can enroll 3-6 people...
and trust me...
I ***DO NOT*** care if it's your dog and cat...

99% will not...

99% can not...

99% couldn't even if you helped them.

But...If you can and you do...

I will change your life.

Period. End of sentence.

Now put yourself in my shoes.

How VALUABLE do you think anyone is
to me who can do what 99% can not?

Am I gonna "love bomb" these guys and
make darn sure that they stay with me?

Am I gonna make darn sure they make money?

You bet'cha I am.

That's called a POWER BID.

No, MOST uplines not only don't use
this leverage "business" technique.

Most people have never even thought this way.

Well guess what?

Two MASTERS used the power bid on me.


Back in 1994 and then in 1995.

"Joe, you go get 8-10 front line and I'll make you."

And guess what?

I understood the gosh-darn power of
using them and their leverage...

Imagine, building a downline BASED ON
THE LEVERAGE of a big-name networker?

Having a tough time getting your pals
from work excited about MLM?


Think about the power of a POWER BID.

Not only was I TAUGHT the Power Bid...

I have performed it...

I have used it on my people...

And I have been on both ends of the "bidding."

And let me tell ya...

Get the right kind of upline to "bid" with...

And "huh Buddy!"

See, YOU might be destined
for Millionaire-ship in MLM.

I was.

I was bred to do this.

I was.

I was actually made to be what I have become.

A writer, a teacher and a leader and visionary.

But...I ***COULD NOT*** get off
of first base all by myself.

I needed a "leg up."

Somebody helped Muhammad Ali.

Somebody helped JFK.

Somebody helped Ronald Reagan.

Somebody helped...

Everybody needs help.

Everyone deserves a "shot."

Most people don't know
about the "Power Bid."

Now you do.

This is PhD. MLM.

This is "big -time" back-stage MLM.

Deals are made.

Downlines are moved.

Guru's are paid th0usands of do11ars
for insider agreements.

And guess what?

That's life.

It's called....


Hope this insight rocked your world.

Author: Joe Schroeder


FREE 21-Day Marketing Boot-Camp

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How Does A Funded Proposal Work?

How Does A Funded Proposal Work?

Publisher: Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469 CST

Many of you are still fairly new to the
"funded proposal" and how it works and
what makes it so powerful for part-time
networkers, even the professionals.

Well, here we go...

1. Generally, you rarely mail or advertise
anything that is not built to feed you with

2. What you advertise is information and
"how-to" and you send out a letter or post
card, anything, that is selling information.

Myself and MLM pros do this by using MLM
information to sell - books and CDs.

3. You are still retailing items locally that
your company is selling.

You're still doing or participating in local
company MLM rah-rah meetings.

You DO NOT replace your traditional
MLM activities with this.

You use the classic funded proposal
as an addition to your campaign and
as the only intelligent way to enter
and remain active in the cold market.

4. It's best to make your initial efforts
in the cold market with a price people
can't refuse.

It's low-priced and value-packed.

A good price is a hard offer to say "no" to.

5. Inside your low ticket item ($10 - $29.95)
is your "mother load" for $200 - $500 dollars.

DO NOT try to make money on the initial

95% of your profits will and should come
from high-ticket back-end items...

In the second "upgrade" sale.

How To Erase Your Downline's Anxiety

If you look closely, most networkers have anxiety.

They rarely have enough leads, they rarely
get any real professional support, and
without enrolling people virtually all
the time, they tend to get depressed and
they start to second guess your MLM program.

However, show them an easy way to make cash
and generate a flow of it, and how easy it
would be for them to use, and you re-light
their FIRE.

I look forward to working with you!

Best of Success,

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469


FREE 21-Day Marketing Boot Camp
21-Day Boot Camp

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Magnetic Sponsoring

Subj: Testimonial
Date: 10/11/2005 1:20:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Mike Dillard)


Mike Dillard
Author: Magnetic Sponsoring

FREE 10-Day Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp

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