Friday, May 12, 2006

How Does A Funded Proposal Work?

How Does A Funded Proposal Work?

Publisher: Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469 CST

Many of you are still fairly new to the
"funded proposal" and how it works and
what makes it so powerful for part-time
networkers, even the professionals.

Well, here we go...

1. Generally, you rarely mail or advertise
anything that is not built to feed you with

2. What you advertise is information and
"how-to" and you send out a letter or post
card, anything, that is selling information.

Myself and MLM pros do this by using MLM
information to sell - books and CDs.

3. You are still retailing items locally that
your company is selling.

You're still doing or participating in local
company MLM rah-rah meetings.

You DO NOT replace your traditional
MLM activities with this.

You use the classic funded proposal
as an addition to your campaign and
as the only intelligent way to enter
and remain active in the cold market.

4. It's best to make your initial efforts
in the cold market with a price people
can't refuse.

It's low-priced and value-packed.

A good price is a hard offer to say "no" to.

5. Inside your low ticket item ($10 - $29.95)
is your "mother load" for $200 - $500 dollars.

DO NOT try to make money on the initial

95% of your profits will and should come
from high-ticket back-end items...

In the second "upgrade" sale.

How To Erase Your Downline's Anxiety

If you look closely, most networkers have anxiety.

They rarely have enough leads, they rarely
get any real professional support, and
without enrolling people virtually all
the time, they tend to get depressed and
they start to second guess your MLM program.

However, show them an easy way to make cash
and generate a flow of it, and how easy it
would be for them to use, and you re-light
their FIRE.

I look forward to working with you!

Best of Success,

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469


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