Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Quick-Link System (At-a-Glance)

Mis-Marketing is using an affiliate site that
isn't attached to your OWN auto-responder.

No one else offers this because they are
trying to CAPTURE YOUR LEADS and
build a list through YOU.

Mis-Marketing is retailing an affiliate
product and allowing the site owner to
collect the funds.

With Quick-Link, you CONTROL the LIST
and the MONEY.

This creates INSTANT cash flow.

Why wait to be paid?

Mis-marketing is selling something that
doesn't have a "back-end" second sale
built in to it.

Without continuity of $14.95 then $197
and then $497 you have to start all
over with new people.

Mis-Marketing is opening your mouth.

If you do, you can only speak
to a few people per day.

If you're not funneling 100's of people
into your sales process daily...

Imagine if you could!

Mis-Marketing is spending money
promoting something that can
NOT bring back a $100 sale.

Pay yourself today so you
can be here next year.

Amateurs sell $20 and $40 programs.

Pros don't.

Mis-Marketing is trying to sell $500
and $1000 programs without a little
$10 and $15 trial offer.

Have you ever waited months and months
to sell one $500 or $1000 program?

Ooops. That must be hard!

Mis-Marketing is ignoring the 95%
who reject your main program and
NOT earning off them.

Now, with this system, you can earn
money from your prospects even if
they reject your primary program.

Mis-Marketing is trying to earn
residual income without leading
with a retail cash flow item.

It's easier to sponsor 3-5-8 NEW
people per month if you have
15-25 retail customers!

For more information about
the Quick-Link System,

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469
9 AM - 9 PM CST

PS - I've been using this system for 7 years
now, and one of the side-effects of
using this system is that I have NOT
had to have a job since Feb 1, 1999.


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