Thursday, September 28, 2006

How Does Selling Information Relate to Building a Downline?

How Does Selling Information
Relate to Building a Downline?

Published By:
Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, La

All the "Masters of MLM" use this formula...

Dale Calvert, Big Al, Russell Paley, Robert Blackman,
Mike Stokes, Art Meakin, Joe Schroeder, Rebecca
Slough, David Nelson, Herbalife Hitters,
Amway Hitters, and many more...

99% FAIL in Network Marketing
because 99% TRY to do MLM.

How absurd and ridiculous is this?

"Hi, I'm Joe the Meatman.
I sell meat and seafood door-to-door.
I also do MLM on the side.
Wanna join?
We can make lots of money."

That never worked for me.


"My name is Joe Schroeder.
Please don't ask me how much money
I've made in MLM, but, would you
like to get rich with me in some
pyramid scheme?"

(People think MLM is a scam...
I hate that, don't you?)

The Master's Formula

Whether it's diet pills or books and
tapes or water filters or air purifiers
or whatever...

The "Master Formula" is to hide behind a
cash register and "play" buy-low-sell-high.

Hold tight, my (new) friend,
I'm about to change your life.

People do not understand MLM,
much less "levels" and "auto-ship."

MLM big-dogs retail more than they "recruit".

MLM big-dogs understand that people don't
"get" MLM but they DO understand retail...

"Buy low and sell high."

That is why ALL of your (true) real "big stars"
of MLM are huge retailers of a retail item.

Your grandfather called it "trading".

Your parents called that system "bartering".

Today, it's called e-Commerce or "networking".

It's ALL true retailing.

LAW #1:
It's easier to sponsor a CUSTOMER who has
already swapped money with you for
something than it is trying to "recruit"
an absolute STRANGER.

Customers TRUST you.

LAW #2:
When you show your potential downline
member a way to earn cash flow, they
virtually cannot resist.

LAW #3:
Show people "MLM" and they'll go, "Huh?"

Make sense?


Best of Success!

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469

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