Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stop Spinning Your Wheels!

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA
Saturday 8:05 AM

Stop Spinning Your Wheels!

If you’re ready to quit playing MLM with
the wishers, whiners and wanna-be’s,
and ready to Master Mind with real Money-Makers
and the No-Job-For-Me crowd,
then now is the time!

If you’re ready to LEARN HOW TO

=> Market ANY Product
=> Market ANY Opportunity
=> Generate your own targeted and qualified LEADS
=> Create a FUNDED PROPOSAL Marketing System that will:
.....1. Generate high quality laser-targeted leads
.....2. Generate up-front CASH FLOW
.....3. Erase your advertising costs

.....4. Turn an up-front
=> Set up a MARKETING FUNNEL to automate your sales process
=> Set up EXIT PROGRAMS to sell to your prospects that don’t buy
.....or join your primary offer or opportunity right away
=> Keep your prospects in your “loop” so that when their TIMING right, you’re the person they turn to when they’re ready to buy
=> Set up and deliver an interesting and informative follow-up
.....NEWSLETTER to keep your prospects in your system, and
.....your name and face in front of them
=> Utilize big-time marketing SKILLS, TECHNIQUES and TOOLS
.....that you always thought were only for the heavy-hitters
=> Make thousands of dollars every month even if you don’t have
.....a product of your own to sell
=> Create multiple streams of income that flow like rivers of cash
.....every day, week and month
=> Build a thriving business in about 30 - 45 minutes a day
=> And a whole lot more…

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