Sunday, July 22, 2007

Specialized Knowledge

I believe in buying secrets.

I believe in specialized knowledge
and "know-how".

I also believe the most important part
of the whole equation is what you DO.

What you DO is as important
as what you KNOW.

Doing requires confronting what
is NOT comfortable to you.

Watching DVD's and going
to seminars is comfortable.

DOING is not.


It's a learning curve.

Things don't work.

Things aren't as simple
as you wish.

That's part of life.

But if you really wanna make it happen,
you gotta focus on DOING.

And the main reason I bring up this
uncomfortable and unpopular truth
is because I want YOU to succeed.

My products for the most part
are NOT about secrets.

They're about DOING.

Yeah, that isn't as sexy and interesting and fun.

But do you wanna be entertained?

Or do you wanna make money?

If you wanna make money, then buy
your "know-how" carefully and
focus on DOING.

You don't HAVE unless you DO.

You gotta confront ACTION.

You gotta do things you are
NOT comfortable with.

You gotta pick up the phone and
call people or do interviews.

You gotta write things like sales letters
that are new learning curves.

And yes, you can outsource some
or all of the above --

IF you have the money to do it.

And can confront SPENDING the money
to hire people to do things.

And confront the idea you probably will
end up spending money on some things
that are junk or done wrong.

The basic questions are:

Who are you selling to?

What you selling them?

And how are you finding them?

But I'll spell them out:

Do you have your target market
or target audience yet?

That for a lot of people is the point
at which they stop or get stuck.

All things being equal, you're best off
selling something you can at least get
passionate about.

That's why I do marketing information
and nutritional products...

Looking for a few pearls
in a sack of oysters?

Call me...

I can help.

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

If you're not earning
an eXtra $1,000.00+
per WEEK on the side...

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