Saturday, July 07, 2007

eBay Classifieds Exposed

You've seen those "Classified Ads" on eBay...

You ever try to set on up?


There is a lot confusion about
HOW to put up a classified ad
on eBay.

Even eBay has little or no
user info on this topic.

Here's WHAT you need to do:

Two steps are required here...

First, you need to find the categories
that allow
classified ads.

Second, you need to find the hidden tab that turns them on.

For whatever reason, eBay seems to hide these things.

To see what eBay categories
accept classified ads:


From the homepage:

1- Click on "advanced search" (top of screen)
leaving all fields blank

2- Click on "search" leaving all fields blank

3- Under the "format" drop down box,
select "classified ads" and click
the "show" button out to the far
right hand side of the drop down boxes

You'll see a bunch of eBay categories
with zero listings, but scroll way down...

You'll see some categories
with hundreds of listings.

The listings with zeros aren't
eligible for classified ads.

The rest ARE eligible.

This will also get you an idea
of how few people are using
the classified ads!

Take note of the "eligible" category
you'll be using to list your item
before moving to STEP 2.


Set up an ad in one of the approved categories:

1- From the home page click
on "sell" and insert your item title

2- Proceed to the page where
you select your category

3- Select a category that allows classified ads
(from STEP 1)

4- Once you proceed to the page
titled "Sell: Create Your Listing"
scroll down to the section titled
"How you're selling".

At the top of that section
you should see FOUR tabs.

One of them is "classified ad"
ASSUMING that you've chosen a
category that ALLOWS classified
ads (from STEP 1 above)

Hope this helps some...

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

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