Saturday, May 01, 2010

Selling Scrap Gold You Find in Your Jewelry Box

Selling Scrap Gold

Just recently I was reading a news article about a man who is a professional mover that found a barrel in the trash. In that barrel he discovered ancient Mexican artifacts that are worth over $16,000. Isn’t it nice to discover such treasures just from another man’s junk? So maybe your jewelry box isn’t holding any artifacts from Mexico, but what if you could bring in a bundle of fast cash from selling scrap gold you find in your jewelry box?

Or what if you discovered that in your attic or garage is a box of old knick-knacks made from the precious metal, collecting dust. Maybe it’s time you cleaned out your home, a little summer cleaning, perhaps? You never know what gold items may be lying in your junk drawer just waiting for you to cash in.

You just never know what scrap gold might be lying around your home that you could cash in by selling the scrap gold that you find. After all, look what happened to the man who found that barrel!

Mike Stokes
Sell Gold

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