Monday, October 08, 2007

“What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”

Monday 9:17 PM
Lake Buena Vista, FL

You ever notice, in Las Vegas
they don’t advertise the gambling?

You’ve seen the ads in the magazines and on TV…

“What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.”

They advertise the shows and the entertainment
and the fabulous hotels and the fun and excitement…
everything but the gambling!

And where do they make their money?

On the “back-end” – the gambling.

You ever have an MLM heavy hitter call
you and pitch you on their MLM deal?

No? I didn’t think so…

That’s not the way they do it.

The high-rollers and heavy hitters
all follow the same FORMULA.

They all “lead” with an information product.

Look at Big Al…

Big Al sells seminars and books and tapes…

So does Randy Gage, Russell Paley, Mike Dillard,
Mike Stokes, the Amway/Quixtar hitters,
Herbalife players, the list goes on and on…

They all make their money before their downline shows up.

Now, you can do this too!

Quit spending money advertising your MLM opportunity…

No one’s interested!

You retail a low-cost “front-end” generic information product:
a book, CDs, “How-To” courses – to pay for your advertising
and lead generation, and make your big money on the “back-end”
product which is your MLM opportunity!

"It’s easier to sponsor a customer
than to recruit a complete stranger."

Are you beginning to see how much simpler and
less stressful it would be to have prospects
calling you up...

Seeking your help and advice, and you pointing
them to a generic information product that will
really help them?

Rather than the major TIME and MONEY investment,
not to mention the uncertainty, of an
all-together new business “opportunity”?

It takes time to grow a downline.

And you’ve got to make money in the meantime…

And that means retailing.

How many people do you know that want
to buy into your "pyramid" deal?

Yet there are millions of people already in
a network marketing business and struggling,
that are eagerly searching for information
on how to build their businesses faster and better!

Which person do you think would be easier to sell?

It’s way faster – and easier – to make $500 a month
retailing a product or service that everyone needs
than it is to build a $500 a month residual check.

Plus, you’re positioning yourself as an expert,
providing generic tools and information to the

And not out there pleading with people
to get rich with you in your new deal.

And best of all, unlike selling your business opportunity
to a complete stranger, Information Marketing is easier
to sell – you can put in on “auto-pilot”.

How often does anyone call you up to
sell you a book or marketing course?

You sell these products with sales letters and websites,
24/7, while you’re at work, sleeping, or on vacation!

Actually, you don’t sell them...

Machines do!

Websites, auto-responders, emails.

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Mike Stokes
Disney World, Florida

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