Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's Easier to Sponsor a Happy Customer...

The Part-Time Millionaires
Business Development System

Lead With The Product While
Selling "The Dream"

If the product doesn't make sense,
the business won't either.

Your goal is to develop a
culture of "products first".

This will protect your business
and secure your future because
business has a natural rhythm:

Up and down.

So, you need to anchor to the
strength of your product!

This will stabilize your organization even
when you experience rough waters.

In contrast to MLM, take a look at McDonalds...

With McDonalds, every franchise owner can
potentially be successful, and most are.

McDonalds works because the
fundamental business unit,
the single store, makes a profit...

So, the other stores
(as in, your downline)
are profitable too.

Your typical MLM company is
promoting a sales process
that fundamentally loses money!

Let me explain...

For "the rest of the story," go to:

Dead Downlines Don't Lie

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The Cash Flow Strategy

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