Monday, November 05, 2007

It Doesn't Matter!

Know what doesn't matter (in network marketing)?


Know what "it" is?

Take your pick of the following "its":

Having the (really, no kidding, you can prove it) best product.

Having the (really, no kidding, you can prove it) best comp plan.

Having the (really, no kidding, you can prove it) best people
who ever ran a network marketing company in the history
of the world.

None of that or those matter.


One thing and one thing only matters.

You SELLING your product successfully and enrolling
business-builders in/on your team who do the same
or better.

That's it.

That's all.

"Well... you've got to have the best product,
and plan, and people to do that."

NO you don't.

Look around—in and out of network marketing.

The MOST successful business enterprises you can name
DO NOT have the "best" anything... except sales.

Yes, I know... I know...

But tell me please...

What are you "after" in your business?

Sales (which is what you are paid for)
is where the rubber meets the road.

Without that, you're driving a parked car
(even if it is a $1.2 million, 248 mph
Bugatti Veyron 16.4).

BTW, the best selling car in the world is
the Toyota Corolla with 35 million sold.

Hardly "the best" automobile in the world.

From - The Fogg Report
By - John Milton Fogg

Mike Stokes
Destin, FL

The Secret to the Puzzle:
The Cash Flow Strategy

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