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Nine Things More Important Than Capital

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By - Jim Rohn

When starting any enterprise or business,
whether it is full-time or part-time,
we all know the value of having
plenty of capital (money).

But I bet we both know or at least have heard
of people who started with no capital and
went on to make fortunes.

How? You may ask.

Well, I believe there are actually some things
that are more valuable than capital that can
lead to your entrepreneurial success.
Let me give you the list.


Time is more valuable than capital.

The time you set aside not to be wasted,
not to be given away.

Time you set aside to be INVESTED in an enterprise
that brings VALUE to the marketplace with the hope
of making a profit.

Now we have capital time.

How valuable is time?

Time properly invested is worth a FORTUNE.

Time wasted can be devastation.

Time invested can perform MIRACLES,
so you invest your time.


I have a friend, Lydia, whose first major investment
in her new enterprise was desperation.

She said, "My kids are hungry, I've got to make this work.
If this doesn't work, what will I do?"

So she invested $1 in her enterprise
selling a product she believed in.

The $1 was to buy a few flyers so she could
make a sale at retail, collect the money and
then buy the product wholesale to deliver
back to the customer.

My friend Bill Bailey went to Chicago as a
teenager after he got out of high school.

And the first job he got was as a night janitor.

Someone said, "Bill, why would you settle
for night janitor?"

He said, "Malnutrition."

You work at whatever you can possibly
get when you get hungry.

You go to work somewhere -- night janitor,
it doesn't matter where it is.

Years later, now Bill is a recipient of the
Horatio Alger award, rich and powerful
and one of the great examples of lifestyle
that I know.

But, his first job -- night janitor.

Desperation can be a powerful incentive.

When you say - I MUST.


Determination says I WILL.

First Lydia said, "I must find a customer."


Second, she said, "I will find someone
before this day is over."

Sure enough, she found someone.

She says, "If it works once, it will work again."

But then the next person said, "No."

Now what must you invest?


Courage is more valuable than capital.

If you've only got $1 and a lot of courage,
I'm telling you, you've got a good future
ahead of you.

Courage in spite of the circumstances.

Humans can do the most incredible things
no matter what happens.

Haven't we heard the stories?

There are some recent ones from Kosovo that
are some of the most classic, unbelievable
stories of being in the depths of hell and
finally making it out.

It's humans.

You can't sell humans short.

Courage in spite of, not because of, but in spite of.

Now, once Lydia has made 3 or 4 sales and gotten going,
here's what now takes over.


"Wow! If I can sell 3, I can sell 33.

If I can sell 33, I can sell 103."


Lydia is now dazzled by her own dreams of the future.


Now she begins to believe she's got a good product.

This is probably a good company.

And she then starts to believe in herself.

Lydia, single mother, 2 kids, no job.

"My gosh, I'm going to pull it off!"

Her self-esteem starts to soar.

These are investments that are unmatched.

Money can't touch it.

What if you had a million dollars and no faith?

You'd be poor.

You wouldn't be rich.

Now, here is the next one, the reason
why she's a millionaire today.


Putting your brains to work.

Probably up until now, you've put about
1/10 of your brainpower to work.

What if you employed the other 9/10?

You can't believe what can happen.

Humans can come up with the most intriguing things to do.


What's ingenuity worth?


It is more valuable than money.

All you need is a $1 and plenty of ingenuity.

Figuring out a way to make it work,
make it work, MAKE IT WORK.

8...........HEART AND SOUL.

What is a substitute of heart and soul?

It's not money.

Money can't buy heart and soul.

Heart and soul is more valuable than a million dollars.

A million dollars without heart and soul,
you have no life.

You are ineffective.

But, heart and soul is like the unseen MAGIC
that moves people, moves people to buy,
moves people to make decisions, moves
people to act, moves people to respond.


You've just got to spruce up and
sharpen your own personality.

You've got plenty of personality.

Just get it developed to where it is effective
EVERY day, it's effective no matter who you
talk to -- whether it is a child or a business person --
whether it is a rich person or a poor person.

A unique personality that is at home anywhere.

My mentor Bill Bailey taught me, "You've got to learn to
be just as comfortable, Mr. Rohn, whether it is in a little
shack in Kentucky having a beer and watching the fights
with Winfred, my old friend, or in a Georgian mansion
in Washington, DC as the Senator's guest."

Move with ease whether it is with the
rich or whether it is with the poor.

And it makes no difference to you
who is rich or who is poor.

A chance to have a unique relationship with whomever.

The kind of personality that's comfortable.

The kind of personality that's not bent out of shape.

And lastly, let's not forget charisma and sophistication.

Charisma with a touch of humility.

This entire list is more valuable than money.

With one dollar and the list I just gave you,
the world is yours.

It belongs to you, whatever piece of it you desire,
whatever development you wish for your life.

I've given you the secret.


The kind of capital that is more valuable
than money and that can secure your

Remember that you lack not the resources.

*This article was submitted by Jim Rohn,
America's Foremost Business Philosopher.
Copyright © 1999 Jim Rohn International.
All rights reserved worldwide.


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